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See more results. The cabin looked very simple. Question: How long are your idle times?

The Hino Dutro is almost identical to Toyota’s ToyoAce and Dyna. WEL does a good job of trying to fix any issues that may arise. Hino Diesel Truck Workshop Manual. DPR light stays on (not blinking) as well as indicator light on regen switch. Hino-155-155DC-195-195DC-155h-155hDC-195h-195hDC Hino.

cab-over 195h dc 19,500 gvw double cab. · I have aHino I was driving on the highway and the DPR dash message when from one stick to full and the check engine light come on dash now the truck lost power also won&39;t let me manual reset. HINO is Japan&39;s largest truck and bus manufacturer. Additional information for service and repair. Hino is owned by Toyota. We do our best to bring you from google to our website offering cleaner alternative options for hino dpr delete kit. Estimated failure factors DPR clogged ・ The DPR light has continued to hino truck manual dpr doesn't work blink, but manual regeneration has not been performed.

It will work with your specific truck as listed in the drop down boxes above, so please. The site requires registration and approval from Hino Trucks prior to accessing any information. Short video on how to perform a manual regen on a Hino Truck.

Turn the key on, after the “Hino” logo fades press the “mode” button repeatedly until “Maintenance 1” is displayed. · Thanks for that, at my place, HINO just opned a show room for 410hp 40tonnes 6x4 trucks. Hino&39;s Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) system is standard on all Hino EPA models.

Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. Hino 238 Manual Online: inspection procedure: p2ba9, Inspect The Def. stp files) of all MY and up conventional and COE chassis to be used for body design via a dedicated website www. The vehicle has been in the shop approx. hino medium duty truck models: cab-over 195 19,500 gvw. This Heavy Duty code reader for Hino trucks enables you to read and erase the fault codes that relate to the check engine light on your truck. Most performance options are limited to allow you to get the vehicle off the road or to a shop for repairs. hino hybrid medium duty truck models: cab-over 195h 19,500 gvw.

Newer trucks = hooking up the diagnostic computer and clicking a mouse several times. Nearly all models are powered by a diesel engine (approx. 9kb Download Hino - Manual Book. If you continue to drive with a flashing DPR warning light without performing a manual regeneration, the check engine light will come on. 40 Hino Trucks Spare Parts Catalogs, Workshop & Service Manuals PDF, Electrical Wiring Diagrams, Fault Codes free download!

You may also be searching for hino truck dpf delete or hino delete dpf. Is a Hino truck still under warranty? · Usually DPF engines have different codes to non-DPF engine and these differ from truck models such as Blue, Eco of DPF label on the vehicle model code. · Pre-inspection work ・ Check that the battery voltage is in the normal range. Install a jumper on the terminals “TE1” and “E1” of the diagnostic connector DLC1 or ‘Tc “ (13) and” GG “ (4) of the diagnostic connector DLC3. Type: Workshop Manuals, Service Bulletins, Service Manual, Technical Service Bulletins OS: Win Xp, Vista, Win 7, Win 8, Win 10 Amount of disks: 1 CD High speed download link. The system fully complies with EPA standards by converting nearly all harmful exhaust gas emissions into nitrogen and water vapour.

Even small features can make a big difference in comfort and usability. We ship free to U. No active flags for DPF system. Like its Toyota twin, the Dutro is a small to medium cab over truck.

cab-over 195 dc 19,500 gvw double cab. Press the “select” button until the display shows “DPR”. Below are the Minimum Order Requirements that have been established for your organization. , Ltd, a light truck manufacturer, was established. my dad used to own the hino FB series so I know how good hino was back then not sure about the current production. Short video on how to perform a manual regen on a Hino Truck.

The history of the Japanese company Hino dates back to 1910, when Tokyo hino truck manual dpr doesn't work Gas Industry Co. your truck should complete an auto regen in less than 10 minutes of driving, maybe as low as 5. 7kb Download Hino - Plan De Mantenimiento Serie 500. Warm up the engine to operating temperature.

While such codes do tell whether the truck has a DPF, it is wise to consult the owner’s manual or a trusted dealer for clarification. © HINO MOTORS SALES USA INC • LT-0010 HINO Quick Reference GuideUpdated June, ). two of them have DPR lights we have recently purchased a Hino-Bownie adapter and Hino DX came with it 268 Hino has a DPR check light came on recently and DX doesn&39;t see the code now (it did before when it just showed up) when doing a scan we go as 700 series, is that correct? Hino trucks and buses have expanded across more than 90 countries and regions. (other doesn't series didn&39;t show codes on other Hinos). ・ Reset DPR related memory.

Engines J05E Engine J08E Engine Engine A09C. You can start manual regeneration after the engine has been started and the DPR warning light has flashed for less than 10 seconds. Turn off the dcc accessory. I&39;m working on a Hino 268. read more. Are Hino trucks a good brand? something like a toyota pick up. Advance Auto is a price leader in new and used Hino online auto parts.

Advance Auto sells Hino auto parts online and in local stores all over the country. Hino Engines J08C-TP, J08C-TR, J05C-TD workshop manuals. read more.

Hino&39;s concern for the Global Environment has made it a leader in advanced engine and emissions technologies. ok So it has 330,000 km on it, we have been trouble free for a long time on the truck and recently after out latest DPR maintenance light came on i have been having major issues. I have aHino I was driving on the highway and the DPR dash message when from one stick to full and the check engine light come on dash now the truck lost power also won&39;t let me manual reset. my last truck was an international 04 vt 365 (had lots of issues with it, and engine finally blow up). SB-16-010 DPR Filter Inspection Workshop Manual Correction.

Hino are becoming popular as expediter trucks, they even come with sleepers. 6kb Download ECU External Wiring Diagram. HINO TRUCKS PUBLICATIONS AVAILABLE ONLINE: Manuals and CD ROMS: Factory Repair Manuals, Owner Manuals, ETMs, Wiring Diagrams, Body Builder Manuals, Collision Books, TSBs, Service information and diagnostic equipment hino truck manual dpr doesn't work - Are all available from our ON DEMAND online center for publications.

1 day ago · Hino Trucks Service Repair Manuals PDF. ・ Check that no DTC is detected after test drive. Hino Diesel Truck WorkShop Manual. HINO Truck Workshop ManualsDVD Size: 9.

So back in late August the light came on in the morning, took it to a Hino dealer to have them check the status and respec anything before the warrenty ended. If you are a current owner / operator of a Hino truck still under warranty and need emergency roadside assistance, please call HinoWatch onHINO/7. Hino 238, 258LP, 268, 338, 358 Series Trucks Service Repair Manual (J08E-VB and J08E-VC engine) Hino 155, 155h, 195, 195h series Trucks Service Repair Manual hino truck manual dpr doesn't work (J05E Engine) Hinoseries Trucks Service Repair Manual. Truck has fairly new DPF and 1 new sensor. 63Gb 88 Folder and 1010 File Language: English Brand: HINO Type of machine: HINO Truck Type of document: Workshop Manuals, Service Bulletins-Service Manual, Technical Service Bulletins Windows: All Window 32 & 64bit Format document: pdf Amount of DVD: 2 DVD Note: Read clear descryption and contents first. What is Hino truck? Hino J08C-TI Engine for Hino 500 Series, Hino Buses, Hino Industrial, Hino Medium Duty Truck Workshop (Repair) Manual. · Four digit codes are brand specific.

After-inspection work ・ Clear all past DTCs. HINO light trucks, HINO medium trucks, HINO heavy trucks, HINO 300 Series, HINO 500 Series, HINO 700 Series and Hino Buses workshop manuals: 347010 Hino Dutro Hino Dutro - Chassis workshop manuals, Wiring Diagrams 347011 Hino Hino - Chassis FA FB FD FE FF SG workshop manuals. We carry close to 426 Hino parts and accessories for the last 37 years and 60 different models of Hino cars - so you&39;re sure to find what you need. Turn on the ignition. Whenever the DPR gauge hits three bars and the vehicle is moving, it&39;s going to attempt an auto regen. all new m series.

07-008 Exporting and Printing Past Work Information. Press and hold the “Mode” and “Set Reset” buttons simultaneously for approximately 40 seconds to reset the “DPR Maintenance” Message. conventional 238 23,000 gvw. Choose your Hino Truck year and model from the drop down list above. 1 weird thing is that when I do the forced regen with the Hino software the engine throws a code for cam sensor and stuck air intake throttle valve. hino light duty truck models: cab-over 155 14,500 gvw. This isn&39;t always the fault of the company, its just the challenge that we face as drivers.

cab-over 155 dc 14,500 gvw double cab. For GM vehicles, code 1258 means the engine computer is in default mode for an engine overheat problem. I&39;ve never had to change this setting. Tried resetting DPR on dash. · Truck runs fine but cant get light to go off even after forced manual regen.

My truck Hino dutro year is on check engine light, coputer say this fault, p particulate trap efficiency below threshold (bank 1) now i dont know what is this fault Plz send me detail for this fault and solution. 4600cc to 4900cc) paired with either a 5-speed MT (KK-XZU307Y) or AT (KK-XZU312T). The engine seems to me a bit bigger than needed, and i am worried it may consume more diesel. Hino Trucks dealers and body builders now have direct access to download 3D CAD models (.

If you were constantly on the move, you might have thousands of auto regens and no manual regens. Some HINO Truck Operator Manuals PDF above the page - LT0013, V18, W04, W06 Engine Manual. Hino Trucks Workshop Repair Manuals PDF Free Download Title File Size Download Link ECU Connector Terminal Layout. If the weight rating of the wheels and tires are comparable to what&39;s on the truck right now, then I don&39;t see a problem.

We are researchers & enthusiast bringing you services like hino 258 dpf delete kit & hino 268 hino dpf delete. I would venture to guess that Hino are a respectable brand. I&39;m not sure exactly when this old truck/new truck break occurred. Truck runs fine but cant get light to go off even. "With a lineup to suit each customer&39;s needs, we support the lives of people of the world.

Hino truck manual dpr doesn't work

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